File:Poverty guideline.pdf File:Poverty guidelines.pdf

General Assistance provides cash assistance and limited Medical coverage to individuals and couples without dependent children who have little or no income.


Only available for households without dependents. Not every state has General Assistance. However, New Jersey does provide this program. Eligibility is determined based on household income and decided through the Board of Social Services.


Cash assistance and limited Medical coverage Most recipients are also eligible for food stamps and Medicaid Benefits accessed through EBT cards - usually about $140 or $210 if you receive a medical deferral for a year


Required to comply with a plan to get out of welfare and to participate in work activities for 30 hours a week.


Individuals or Households with dependents will not be eligible to receive General Assistance. Assistance is only available for 60 months throughout your whole lifetime


Online Applications: or Poverty guidelines: File:Poverty guidelines.pdf